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911 and Ministry of Interior Certified

GuardCom was established in 1996 to meet the demand for a professional central monitoring station that provided conventional security services while catering to customized requests.  Our security station is located in a secure facility, provides 24/7 service, and offers world-class, all-round protection to businesses and homeowners alike.

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What is Central Alarm Monitoring? And how does it Work?

Central Alarm Monitoring is the 24/7 monitoring of your property through various sensors all connected to our manned control station.

When an alarm is activated, a signal carrying data (e.g. break-in zone, environmental alarm type, etc) is transmitted digitally via telephone lines or via cellular network to our station where it is decoded and presented to the system operator.   All of this occurs in approximately 30 seconds.  

All information regarding the alarm (alarm origin, customer name, alarm type, etc.) is displayed to the operator on his/her monitor.  Any special instructions also appear on the screen as do the emergency contact numbers assigned by the customer.  Within seconds these are dialed in their respective orders.

GuardCom operators contact the premise before dispatching the relevant authorities to be certain an emergency condition actually exists, thus canceling false alarms.  A pass-code is required to cancel ANY alarm condition.  Failure to give the correct code or no answer at the premise results in immediate dispatch of the relevant authorities and follow-up with emergency contacts.

Central Stations Are Not the Same!

Many companies offer alarm monitoring. But very few meet the strict operational and service requirements demanded by the industry both locally and abroad. GuardCom guarantees you receive the highest quality alarm response service available in Jordan and the region.  Combined with the services of Tasneem Electronics LLC our total security solution package provides peace of mind to you and your loved ones.

Contact us to learn more about the services and products we supply.


Effective monitoring of property requires the transmission of alarm signals and appropriate response combined with the maintenance and monitoring of your security system.  GaurdCom service includes the 24/7 monitoring and response of dedicated professionals to:

  • Intrusion Alarms.

  • Personal attack response.

  • Duress Alarms.

  • Medical Alarms.

  • Fire Alarms.

  • Environmental Alarms.

  • System Fault or tampering.

  • System maintenance.

  • System Power malfunction or failure.

  • System Isolation.

  • Loss of communication to central monitoring.

  • Two-Way voice.

  • Remote Video.

We are committed to providing our customers with reliable and current technologies and solutions that meet the highest standards of the industry.


911 & Ministry of Interior Certified 

  • Our growing number of subscribers is testament to our dedicated professional service.

  • Easy, safe and effective way to protect your family, home, and workplace.

  • With over 16 years of experience and operation, GaurdCom is Jordan’s leading monitoring station.

  • Close relations with all relevant national security services (police, civil defense).

  • False Alarm verification prior to dispatch saving you false alarm fees.

  • 24/7 monitoring by a highly trained and dedicated staff.

  • Current world-class technologies and solutions.

  • Free “no-nonsense” assessments of your security system.

  • Ability to integrate with running systems.

  • Flexible solutions to meet your security needs.

  • Secure location of station coupled with backup power and information systems ensures continued operation and service.

  • Part of the United Security Group.

  • Commitment to provide customers with Total Security Solutions from the design stage to installation and post-installation services.

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