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Established in 1994, Tasneem Electronics LLC has grown to become a leader in electronic security solutions effectively meeting customer requirements by providing world-class, total security solutions from the design stage to installation and post-installation services.

Security Camera


Closed Circuit Television

Whether at the industrial scale or private home security, security cameras allow for the ultimate monitoring of property 24/7 and act as a security multiplier at various levels, combining their use and strong deterrent factor with identification, scene monitoring, and access control.  Tasneem offers a wide array of cameras (Analogue, Digital and IP) with relevant recording hardware that can be combined with Tasneem’s total security systems or purchased as stand-alone items.

Options and services:

  • Color, monochrome, infrared and multi-mode cameras.

  • Standard and high-resolution systems.

  • Fully functional PTZ cameras.

  • High-speed surveillance domes.

  • IP Camera Systems with NVR’s and control command software.

  • Video signal transmission (coaxial, twisted pair, fiber-optic, telephone line, microwave link).

  • Recording (VHS, super VHS and digital storage).

  • Multiple camera display and recording using digital and analogue multiplexing.

  • PC- based control systems.

  • Intelligent linkage to alarm systems.

  • Remote monitoring.


CCTV Control Rooms

Essentially the heart of any large security camera operation, CCTV control room requirements can be met in full confidence by Tasneem as part of a total security solution or stand-alone item.

With extensive experience and background in CCTV operations, Tasneem offers clients total CCTV control room solutions from the design, to the installation and post-installation stages encompassing:

  • Architectural Services – drawings, design approval, construction

  • M&E Services –HAVC, LV supplies, UPS.

  • Technical Furniture

  • Camera/System Control – Telemetry and camera switching.

  • Remote access

  • Displays – CRT, TFT, LED, plasma and back screen projection.

  • Recording – Analogue and digital.

  • Intelligent products – biometric, facial recognition.

  • Communications – Radio, telephone and intercom systems.

  • Training – operation and legislation.


Access Control Systems

Access control offers increased convenience and flexibility over conventional locks and keys. Additional features such as combined card/PIN number, door interlocking, and reporting further increase security and can be customized as per the customer’s request.

System types:

  • Card access systems (magnetic stripe and proximity technologies).

  • Digital keypads (including number scrambling versions).

  • PC control for card access systems with full user control and reporting.

  • Links to fire alarms and time and attendance.

  • Video and audio door entry systems.

  • PLC based systems (used for complex door interlocking).

  • Biometric recognition systems (finger, vein, iris)

  • Combined ID and access cards. 


Intrusion Alarm Systems and Communication

Our intrusion alarm systems offer valuable protection to your home, office or factory, by using the most advanced technologies to safeguard your properties.  When combined with our 24/7 monitoring station GaurdCom, our total security solution package provides peace of mind to you and your loved ones:

Intrusion/communication systems:

  • Door and window contacts.

  • Infrared and microwave motion sensors.

  • Break glass and shock sensors.

  • Temperature and water sensors.

  • Fire/smoke.

  • Panic and medical assistance calling units.


Gates, Barriers, Blockers & Bollards

Security starts at the perimeter of your site using our wide selection of physical access control.  Whether looking to tackle issues such as vehicle access control, crowd control, or simple internal crowd management, Tasneem’s total security solution can be customized to meet the customer’s demand.


  • Heavy-duty automatic barriers.

  • Hydraulic rising bollards for ram-raid protection.

  • Hydraulic roadblocks.

  • Sliding gate systems.

  • Swing gate systems.

  • Automatic gates manufactured to order to suit domestic and commercial premises.

  • Full range of turnstiles.


Consultancy Services

Tasneem offers security consultancy services for both new and ongoing projects.  Our dedication and commitment to providing the highest quality of service ensures our expert workforce is always up-to-date on the latest developments and technologies in the field.

Contact us to learn more about the services and products we supply.


We are committed to providing our customers with reliable and current technologies and solutions that meet the highest standards of the industry.

  • CCTV and camera systems (Analogue, Digital and IP) with required recording hardware (DVR & NVR).

  • Access control systems including proximity and biometric (Finger, Vein, Iris) readers.

  • Security doors (Turnstile, Tripod, Boom-gates, Roadblocks and Bollards).

  • Intrusion alarm, monitoring, and automation systems for residential and industrial sectors.

  • Specialized security systems (Metal detection, X-Ray scanning, Chemical and Bomb detection).

  • Specialized software applications (Time attendance, Guard tour, Warehouse management, etc).

  • Consultancy services.


  • With over 23 years of experience in the security field Tasneem Electronics is Jordan’s leading electronic security service provider.

  • Highly trained and dedicated staff.

  • Current world-class technologies and solutions.

  • Free “no-nonsense” assessments.

  • Part of the United Security Group.

  • Commitment to provide customers with Total Security Solutions from the design stage to installation and post-installation services.

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